If you have trouble viewing the Current Desktop Selection, you can download the store PDF by clicking here.

If you have trouble viewing the Current Desktop Selection, you can download the store PDF by clicking here.

Please keep in mind that the prices might change slightly due to the individual costs of the components. Please contact me when finalizing the purchase to confirm the final price.

Last Updated: 2024 April 26th

How to Place an Order

In order to place an order or to request some modifications for a final quote, please contact me to place an order.
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KakaoTalk: pchung101
Phone Number: 010-8653-0161

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your preferred method of payment?
A. Most customers prefer to conduct payment via a Korean Bank Transfer as it is easy and immediate. Customers can also pay in cash in person, Credit Card, or PayPal. Please keep in mind that paying by Credit Card or PayPal incurs additional fees.

Q. How long is your turnaround time.
A. If the payment is processed by noon of a given business day (weekday), the desktop will typically be built by the evening of the same business day. Once the desktop is ready, customers can pick it up in person, ask to have it shipped, or sent by Quick Service Courier (only for Seoul and Greater Seoul Residents).

Q. What is your shipping Policy?
A. Shipping is free for all computer purchases, typically takes one business day, and is fully insured.

Q. Where are your price lists for new laptops?
A. Due to the enormous number of new laptop models and fluctuating prices, it is not possible to have a price list for laptops. Customers can message me for a free consultation in order to find the best laptop for their needs at the most competitive price available.

Q. Are installment plans available for computer purchases?
A. Installment options are only possible when processing a payment by a Korean Credit card.

Q. Are Cash or Tax Receipts possible?
A. Cash and Tax Receipts are definitely possible when making a computer purchase. If such a receipt is required, please let me know before processing the payment as it will affect the total price.