How to get to Phil’s Computer Repository in Yongsan, Seoul

Phil’s Computer Repository is located in Sunin Plaza in the heart of Yongsan Electronic Market in Seoul. Sunin Plaza is the largest building in the country for Computer-Related Businesses filled with hundreds of businesses and stores.

Because we know how confusing it can be and how annoying it is to get lost, we provide you with a step-by-step photo guide + video how to get safely to Phil’s Computer Repository in the most efficient way from Yongsan and Sinyongsan station along with how to navigate the building.

Topics covered on this page:

  • How to get to Sunin Plaza from Yongsan station
  • How to get to Sunin Plaza from Sinyongsan station
  • How to get to Phil’s Computer Repository once entering the building


The easiest way to reach Phil’s Computer Repository is from Yongsan and Sinyongsan station. Both are approximately 10 minutes walking distance. 

From Yongsan station

Yongsan station is a big central station where you can arrive by subway, bus and also trains such as the KTX and ITX. It is the most convenient station to arrive at if coming from afar such as from outside of the city.

Bus number: 151 – 152 – 500 – 501 – 504 – 506 – 507 – 605 – 750 – 751- 752 – 5012 –    0211 – 5012

Get off at Yongsan Station bus stop -> Directions for bus users starts at ‘Station Square’

Line number 1 & Gyeongui-Jungang line


Korail train services, eg. KTX, ITX


Arriving at Yongsan Station

  1. From Yongsan Station, follow the exit signs that lead you to Exit 3, and you will arrive in the Station hall where shops, lockers and train ticket machines are located. It should look a little bit like this:

2. Depending on which way you are exiting the metro/train there should be a big screen with train timetables located on either your right or left hand. In between the two screens with timetables look for ‘Exit 3’.

3. Once you arrive at EXIT 3 you will see two doors. Pass those doors and you will see the beginning of the overpass with a sign on the side that says Yongsan Electronics Market. Follow that sign and enter the overpass.


The Seoul Dragon City Overpass  

  1. When you walk through the overpass, it should look similar to this. Keep following the overpass until you come across a sign, an escalator and an elevator.

2. When you come across the sign, go right and do not leave the building. Pass the escalator and the elevator and you will enter another overpass. Keep following it until the exit of the overpass. There you will go down the stairs and keep going straight until you will see camera shops on the side.


3. When you come down the stairs, on your right hand side you will see a sidewalk. Pass the crosswalk and then go to your right. Pass the CCTV sign and follow the street, keep going right.



When going straight, there are electronic shops located on your left and on your right a road and a bus stop. Keep going straight until you see the entrance of the Sunin building.  There you will stand in front of the two entrances (21 and 22)! You are now one step closer to reaching Phil’s Computer Repository!

From Sinyongsan Station



Good news for those coming from Sinyongsan station! Finding the Sunin building from the station will be a piece of cake.

Line 4


From exit 5

The easiest road to Phil is by exiting out of Entrance #5. From there, keep walking straight and you will pass a CU and a bus stop. 

Keep walking straight and walk through the underground tunnel.

Once leaving the tunnel, Sunin Plaza is the large White building to the right. You can’t miss it.

You are now one step closer to reaching Phil’s Computer Repository! 

How to get to Phil, Sunin building


So you’ve made it successfully to the Sunin building in Yongan Electronics market. Once arrived at the building enter entrance 22. 

Once you enter entrance 22, you will see in front of you a hallway with only electronics shops. It will look something like this:

Keep walking straight until the end of the hallway. At the end of the hallways there will be a cafe. On your Left-hand side, there will be a staircase. Take the stairs up one floor. 

When arriving at the next floor take a left and a left again. On the floor you will see a green circle with numbers on it and turn right onto the red line. From there, keep walking straight until you find Phil’s Computer Repository  at #242.

Details about Phil’s Computer Repository

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 한강로2가 16-1 선인상가 21동 3층 242호

Seoul Yongsan-gu Hangangro-2ga 16-1 Sunin Plaza 21 Building 3rd Floor #242

*Reservation highly recommended prior to visit

Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 2pm – 10PM
Friday: 1PM – 8PM
Saturday: 2PM – 10PM
Sunday: Closed